Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lanyard Tags

Lacey gave us these lanyards on Sunday at the party. She and I want to wear them tonight at the movies. I searched online for the images and self laminated them, punched holes in them a here ya go!


Here are the favors from the party Sunday...
This was my favor. I made chocolate sea shells and put them in brown sugar/granulated sugar sand. I made a tag that was my wish list for Isle Esme; 1-Edward Cullen 2-Isle Esme and 3-unlimited pillows and headboards. GREETINGS FROM ISLE ESME!

Marivel brought these cool pens. She had decorated a cup and had them all in the cup and then had curly ribbon around each pen in "Eclipse" colors. They were all Edward pens! THE BEST!

Taryn brought these Sweethearts. They were Jacob and Edward and the cool thing is, they are "fire" and "ice!"

Emily brought Eclipse buttons and we each got to pick one. This one is mine..."will you marry me?"

Lacey got these exclusive Twilight lanyards from her sister in Vegas. They were supposed to have a release party for the latest book and never did so Lacey struck gold with these!

Dorene brought Jacob and Edward bookmarks and this very cute "vampy" candy. It is "vampire blood" that lights up....

Erin and Ally worked together on their favors and brought these "dog bone" shaped cookies and "wolf" vodka with Eclipse stickers...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twilight Party!!!

So the big day finally arrived and here are the results of four weeks of planning!
These signs cost me all of .46 cents each to make. I got the "signs" themselves HERE and then bought the stakes at Home Depot. I printed them out on regular 8 1/2x11 paper then glued it to card stock then cut them out, nailed them to the stakes and then hubby pounded them into the ground this morning.

Edward greeting my guests at the door. I found this poster at Blockbuster Video. It is reversible, has Edward on one side, Jacob on the other....!

Here is a picture of the "Wolf Pack Snacks" (Cocoa Puffs) and the Vampire blood type treats (Boston baked beans) These were so easy and inexpensive to make. I found a three pound bag of Boston baked beans at Sam's Club for $3.99. I found the image online for the vampire treats (when I remember where I will post a link) and then I just purchased the papers and cellophane bags at my local scrapbook store and cake/candy supply store.

"Fork'd" brownie balls! I literally decided to do these at the very last minute. I purchased a .99 cent box of brownie mix and paid $2.99 for the chocolate at Michael's Crafts. I baked the brownies per the directions on the box then when they were cool enough to handle, I cut them into equal sized squares then rolled them into balls by hand. I put the forks in then put them in the freezer. Once they were hard enough (to not fall off the forks) I dipped them in the chocolate and allowed them to "set" on wax paper on the counter. I then drizzled them with milk chocolate. (These were a big hit!)

I printed out these quotes from THIS SITE and then used frames I already had and purchased the few 5x7 ones that I needed. (I also go the labels for the drinks at the same site)

This is a combination of two ideas. Vanessa posted the idea of the transparency on her blog HERE and I saw another idea HERE and decided I would combined the two and make it my own.

Here are my vampire bitten cupcakes. I saw several versions online and decided I really liked them so I figured I would try. I made red velvet cupcakes and then found a cream cheese frosting recipe online that is AWESOME! HERE is the recipe. This frosting is the creamiest, smoothest frosting ever!

I purchased the dog dishes at Target and filled them with Chex Mix after writing a few "wolf" names on them...

Hubby drilled the holes in these apples and I put them on the candle holders. I had extra quotes so I taped them to the under part of the table.

I placed my books (in order) by the fireplace and my countdown blocks are ON the fireplace. Simple and to the point...

Printed the labels from the above mentioned site and just glued them to the bottles. I found black cherry soda at Albertson's.

Strawberry lemonade. I cut up a few lemons for color.

Another "quote" and the water bottles I printed labels for.

Here is a picture of the girls enjoying the yummy food and Twilight! Edward must be on the screen!!!

We had a great party and I want to thank everyone for coming and for bringing the great favors. Everyone put a lot into what they did. I greatly appreciate everything that everyone did. I am glad everyone had a great time, see you when we celebrate the release of "Breaking Dawn!"

Friday, June 25, 2010


Okay so we know vampires don't "eat" per say but I think Edward tasted every cupcake in my fridge for this Sunday's Twilight party!

Just jokes....

I baked red velvet cupcakes and made my own cream cheese frosting. This frosting is sooo yum! It is very simple too. 2-8oz boxes of cream cheese 1/2 C of butter, 1 tsp of vanilla and 2 C sifted powdered sugar. You cream the butter and cream cheese together then add the vanilla then gradually add the powdered sugar! Its so smooth and creamy!!!

I dusted the cupcakes with "disco dust" that I found at my local cake/candy supply store. My cupcakes sparkle just like Edward!

**this is NOT how they will be presented at my party

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Greetings from Isle Esme

Well, here it is, all finished! This is my favor for this weekends Twilight party! I am bringing sea shells from Isle Esme to the girls! Hope they like them....

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yum, chocolate.

Here are just a few of the suckers that I have done over the years as favors. I learned how to do this from my Grandmother. She taught me the basics when I was younger and I have since learned a few more tricks. Enjoy!
These were for Hayden's first birthday...

These were sabers done for my Nephew's fourth birthday, Star Wars theme

These were for my Niece's first birthday...

These were for the Iavarone's wedding reception...


Valentine's Day...

First birthday...


Today's post is brought to you by Aquafina! Well not really but the water I used IS Aquafina....

This was today's "Twi-project" and I think it turned out rather well, don't you? I actually did four of them last night and just put the black label over two of the existing Aquafina labels and then realized (when it was too late to correct it) that you can see the blue label underneath. Hum... That is when I tried to remove the existing label and they turned out much better. I only made ten because the labels printed in two and I have a total of nine girls coming to the party. If more water is needed it will just have to be "Twilight free" water from my fridge, ha ha ha! I have also included a picture of my "battle injury." As I squatted down to get the water from my pantry floor, I scraped my knee on my son's plastic tote that has his "adult supervised" toys in it (play-doh.) As you can see, it IS a bit more than a paper cut so I sure am glad that Jasper and the boys are out hunting this weekend or things might have gotten a bit "ugly" around here. (LOL)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I won!!!

Okay, I never win ANYTHING! My sister in law, Amber posted a link to her friends blog and I have been following her ever since. Here is a link to Vanessa's blog, she is amazingly talented and I have to admit, I am borrowing a few of her ideas from her twilight party and just going to "Tamify" them a bit. You'll have to come back to see what happens at our Twilight party next week!!! Okay, back to the winning part... Vanessa made these awesome count down blocks for her girls as favors for her Twilight party and when I saw them on her blog, I called my SIL and asked her to find out how much Vanessa would charge to make me a set. For a VERY reasonable price, I purchased my very own set and my SIL hand delivered them to me when she was out for the anniversary party. Well, right after Vanessa's party, she posted a blog and asked everyone, "what would you bring Edward for his birthday?" I simply replied that I would bring him a mountain lion (his favorite animal to hunt) and I won. Thanks Vanessa!!! I am going to make another Twi-hard very happy next Sunday when I give her these at our party!!!

Andrade 60th Wedding Anniversary (Reyes/Agnes)

My mother in law enlisted me to help her with her parents 60th wedding anniversary. After discussion over theme, colors, etc... I decided instead of a cake, I would do cupcakes and just "Tamify" them. I found the gold sugar sprinkles at a local baking supply store that I frequent called Sweet Mercantile. I found the cupcake wrappers HERE and I bought the cupcakes at Sam's Club. Here is how they turned out:

**Note; the cupcake wrappers are reversible so I put the polka-dots on the chocolate ones and the "Happy Anniversary" on the white.

When a "theme" was being discussed, I threw out the idea of family photos on the tables. This is what my Sister In Law came up with and my Step Daughter did the money tree. They both did a great job in making the idea much better then I could or would have done. Thanks Amber and Jackie!!!

Here are the invitations I made:

Andrade Wedding (Victor/Delores)

I was asked to do some last minute wedding invitations for a family member. This is how they turned out. I had some trouble with our printer so they are not perfectly centered but they worked and the bride and groom loved them! I also wanted to try making these brownie balls. I had some trouble covering them with the white chocolate because the brownie kept wanting to fall off the stick. There were some last minute issues so I never made it to the wedding/reception so I took the brownies to work and tested them. Everyone said they were great. I may try them again at a later date.