Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Blanket Cupcakes

So a co worker is having a baby shower this Saturday and I wanted to make something inexpensive and yet CUTE! I wanted to find a cleaver way to give a simple gift so I scowered the internet to find ideas. I thought of diaper cakes and wreaths and then found washcloth suckers and suckers made of blankets but the thing I loved the most were the blanket cupcakes. I found a few blogs that had different instructions and in the end I had to adapt the folding a bit to get the effect and size that I wanted.

I started by purchasing a 4pk of blankets, coffee filters, ribbon, a cake box with a window and the red filler for the bottom of the box as well as stickers to decorate the outside of the box.

I dont know how but I ended up with an "all star all american boy" kinda theme but anyone who knows me knows Im crazy for the "red white and blue!"

So it took me SEVERAL tries to figure out how to fold the blankets. I finally ended up folding the blankets into big triangles and then just kept folding in half till I reached a size of aprox 2.5 inches...then I rolled. I LOVED the way the pattern came out on the blanket once in the filter. I secured with a rubber band then tied the ribbon around and put in the box. Once I figured out how I wanted the blankets folded, this entire project tooke me 15 mins. I love the way it turned out. I would love to do one for a girl!

Here are the pictures of the final product!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gourmet Strawberries

With tomorrow being Mother's Day I wanted to have a brunch for a few special women, my Mom, Mother in law, my Hubby's Grandmother and my Sister in law....well, do to circumstances beyond my control, things changed.

Hubby and I surprised our 4 year old Thursday with a trip to Legoland and as we drove to our destination I saw a strawberry stand and told Hubby that if they were still open when we left we would HAVE to get strawberries there....and we did. I scored big time! Three baskets for $9.50 and they are big and dark red and juicy!

Last night I went for it turned out these!!! I think they turned out great and only hope they taste as good as they look...

On the left is chocolate covered in mini chocolate chips, to the right of that is chocolate sprinkled in coconut, to the right of that is chocolate drizzled with white chocolate, next to that is white chocolate coconut and then last is white chocolate drizzled with milk chocolate.