Saturday, January 21, 2012

"I Scream Soda"

Every year at work in October we celebrate Customer Service Week and this past October each team was challenged with making a sweet treat for another department. I remembered this "soda" my Grandmother made for my mom one year out of butterscotch candies and I was set on my mission. I went to the Dollar Tree and found the pilsner glass and filled it with the Autumn mix candy corn then covered the glass with plastic wrap. I then pushed a styrofome ball on the top and cut off the excess plastic wrap. I then started attaching the taffeys to the ball with pipe cleaners till I had the desired look I wanted. I cut the skeleton straw down and stuck it into the ball and then wrapped some curly ribbon with pipe cleaner and stuck it into the ball then stuck a cherry (red) Tootsie Pop in the center on the top (not pictured) to look like a cherry. I made the tag and attatched it to the outside of the clear wrap. I was present when management was doing the judging and I actually saw them pick it up and look for a price tag bec they swore it was purchased! After the winner was chosen (ME) they left and a co worked was walking down the line of treats and got to mine and said, "They bought this one." I turned to her and said, "No they didnt, I made it." After she stopped arguing with me over whether or not I was being honest, she finally said, "You could sell these for like $10!" Yeah, more like $20ea because I had blisters on my fingers from wrapping each candy with the pipe cleaner....ENJOY!

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